Our Boys

Labradale and Highcaliber Kennels have truly been blessed with Labrador boys of outstanding quality and incredible personalities. Not only are they an amazing addition to our family, but can be to yours as well, as we do offer stud services for approved registered Labrador ladies with hip/elbow/eye clearances.

For our US Client’s shipping is done overnight from Plattsburg, NY (USA). For Canadian and Overseas clients shipping done Montreal. Chill5 and Chill 10 available.

Please contact us for more information.

GCh Labradale’s Big Bang at Highcaliber (Nitro)

Nitro is a not just a pretty face, he is a fun loving happy boy with high intelligence, strong field drive and trainability, always wanting to please.

Multi-Group Placer GCh Startop Everwood Epic

Epic has a generous heart, strong intelligence and loves to show. A nephew of our “Dany”, as with his uncle he aims to please and has a fun sense of humor.

BISS Can Ch/Am GCh Highcaliber Labradale Expresso

RETIRED. Happy 13th birthday!!! (May 31, 2008) Expresso is a son of our Coffee Crisp, he is a sweet, affectionate boy who loves to cuddle. He is the sire of many champions from coast to coast. We are proud of his accomplishments but most of all just enjoy having him in our lives.

MBPISS, BPIG, Group placer GCh Britton a Redneck at Labradale (Blake)

Sired by Dany and grandson of Coffee. This successful boy’s winning personality quickly worms him ones heart. He has a constantly wagging tail and outgoing personality.

Ch Devonshires Pale Rider (Clint)

Clint came to reside with from Devonshire Labs.  He also has produced some exciting youngsters.  This boy is as sweet as he is handsome.  We’re excited to have the opportunity of owning and exhibiting him.

BISS, Group placer BISS Am / Mex/ Pol  Ch,  Can GCh Hyspire Who Dat from Breckin Am WC

RETIRED. This wonderful male is co-owned and resides with Breckin Labradors. We had the honor of having him visit with us and to show him in US and Canada.  Chip can be found in many of our pedigrees.

All our boys have OFA Hip/Elbow clearances, eyes checked annually. As well all the boys are PRA-prcd, HNPK and EIC rated either by parentage or genetic testing**.  Heart clearances done on all males over two.

Chilled semen shipped overnight anywhere in Canada and the US. US shipments are shipped from Plattsburg, NY. Canadian from Montreal.

International shipments and frozen semen also available, contact us for details.
Our boys do NOT carry the dilute gene. As reputable breeders of Labrador Retrievers we breed to meet the standard and original purpose of this outstanding, noble breed. We do not support breeding for traits not recognized in the breed standard; including silver, champagne or blue Labradors, not to mention various mixed breeds (Labradoodles).  These fads are being promoted by non-ethical kennels, typically looking to make money.  The only recognized colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Registering non-recognized colors as recognized colors does not make them so. We cannot advise strongly enough such colors are frowned on for valid reasons by those of us who remain committed to the preserving this amazing breed.
**Genetic testing allows us to ensure that our puppies cannot be affected by these diseases.

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