If looking for a quality pure bred Labrador Retriever puppy we highly recommend coming out to visit our dogs and meet with us. We normally have a reservation list and suggest contacting us ahead of time to ensure availability.

Having over 100 years of combined experience between the three of us in training, breeding, and showing, our ultimate goal is to produce healthy and fun loving Labradors that meet the breed standard.

The Labrador is a versatile breed because it is smart and naturally devoted to humans. This is why they make great family pets, are ideal for hunting, commonly used as therapy dogs, exceptional service dogs such as drug detection and aiding the blind … the Labrador is a breed that offers us, humankind, the opportunity to better our own lives.

As smart as they are for trainability, their warm hearts and fun character make them all the more enjoyable.  These are just a few of the reasons we began and continue to breed the Labrador Retriever.

If you are thinking about a Labrador Retriever as your next pet, we welcome you to come and meet our guys and gals.

Occasionally Labrador puppies are available in black, chocolate, and yellow.


No Puppies Presently Available.

Litter planned for late 2024.

Looking for something sooner feel free drop us an email to see if we know of any puppies available from our stud dogs.

  • Looking for a puppy from a dedicated breeder? Send us some information about yourself and your reason for selecting a Labrador.
  • All puppies sold on sales contract that includes a non-breeding agreement.
  • Please, serious inquiries only.  If you just want to know price ($2500 and up, plus appropriate taxes) and have no interest in learning what we actually do to ensure you’re adding a special companion to your family, we’re not the breeder for you.

To arrange a visit to our facilities give us a call at 450-829-2869 or email us at labs@labradale.com.

Note: Site visits are available only with an appointment.  

Started dogs:

Young adults occasionally available for sale to approved homes.

  • None currently available.

Retirees for sale to approved homes:

  • None available at this time.

We do not support breeding for traits not recognized in the breed standard; including silver, champagne or blue Labradors, not to mention various mixed breeds (Labradoodles).

These fads are being promoted by non-ethical kennels, typically looking to make money with no regard for long term goals in their programs.  They breed for the now, using the Labrador’s reputation to entice interest and sales.   Spinning tales and exaggerating facts such as promoting non-allergenic puppies or “best of both breeds”; even the statement of silver being a rare color is incorrect, since they’re easily found.

The only recognized colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Registering a non-recognized color or dilute color, such as silver, as a recognized color does not make it so. Example silver is registered as chocolate. According to the AKC Labrador standard however, it is a disqualification. We cannot advise strongly enough such colors are frowned on for valid reasons by those of us who remain committed to preserving the breed.  For example with the dilute gene there is often poor or no pigment which can cause skin cancer in an active outdoor dog. Genetics is a complicated topic and many articles have been written on it but suffice it to say there are many positive attributes to purebreds that do not follow through mixing breeds.  Puppy mills are very good at selling their ideas and therefore their wares, so buyer needs to be aware.